Probiotic Kefir Yeast Healthy Production Easily Maker Yeast Bacteria For Kefir Dogadan Bizim Made in Turkey


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Doğadan Bizim Kefir Yeast Healthy Kefir Production Yeast

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Shipping content(5 Packs):
1 boxes.
There are 5 packages in 1 box.
A total of 5 packages are sent to yeast.
1 packet of yeast is 2 grams.

Shipping content (30 Packs):
6 boxes.
There are 5 packages in 1 box.
A total of 30 packages are sent to yeast.
1 packet of yeast is 2 grams.


Kefir yeast
(Lactobacillus kefir,
Leuconostoc spp,
Lactococcus spp, Acetobacter spp, Kluyveromyces marxianus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Lactose (Milk Sugar)

Storage Conditions:
Store the package in the refrigerator at +4 ° C. After the package is opened, consume it completely.

Kefir Fermentation Information:
1. Boil the milk for 15-20 minutes.
2. Allow it to cool down to 30 degrees Celsius.
3. For pre-activation, add the entire Kefir yeast package into a tea glass of warm milk. Stir well by melting. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes.
4. Add the yeast melted in the tea glass to the milk at 30 degree fermentation temperature and mix. We recommend to ferment in small containers according to your daily consumption. Be sure to close the lid of the container or jar you are fermenting.
5. The fermentation time is 24 hours in winter and 18 hours in summer.
6. During the fermentation, create an environment to keep the temperature of 30 degrees constant or wrap your container so as not to lose its heat.
7. Put the kefir in the fridge at the end of the fermentation period.
8. After 6-12 hours, you can take your kefir by removing it from the refrigerator and consume it.
9. You can store your yeast packages in the refrigerator for 24 months at +4 degrees and until the time you will use at -18 degrees.

What is Kefir?
Made with a special yeast mushroom made from goat's or cow's milk, kefir, a sour-like drink that resembles taste, is a fermented milk product of North Caucasus origin. Kefir, which means “enjoyable” in Russian, is used in the treatment of many diseases and contains high levels of vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, biotin, folic acid, enzymes and probiotics.

What Are the Benefits of Kefir?
It is known that there are 77 useful probiotics in home kefir. It is suggested that miraculous drink kefir can be mixed with home yogurt, as well as kefir in making highland soup or cacık. The benefits of kefir, which is recommended to be consumed frequently, do not end with count;

It regulates the digestive system.
It prevents vascular stiffness and muscle contractions.
It strengthens the nervous system.
It strengthens the immune system.
Increases resistance against microbial infections.
Runs the intestines.
It relieves chronic fatigue.
It reduces stress and calms.
Lowers cholesterol.
Eliminates nervous depression.
It regulates and balances high blood pressure.
It removes blood disorders and cleans the blood.
It improves liver ailments.
It prevents anemia.
It resolves blood impairment.
It keeps the nails healthy.
It beautifies the skin and gives shine.
It is good for eczema and similar skin diseases.
It provides rapid healing of wounds and burns.
It treats urinary tract inflammations.
It is good for stomach and intestinal ailments.
It is good for gallbladder and kidney diseases.
It is important for a healthy diet.
It helps to control weight.
It positively affects the development of bones, tissues and muscles.
It provides the vitamins, minerals and protein supplements necessary for the development of the body.
It reduces the health risks of children who consume excess chocolate, sugar and gum.
It prevents dental caries.
It provides the absorption of sugar and converts it into energy.
It is appetizing.
It creates strong support for nutrition.
It acts as a reliever in irritable diseases.
It contains phosphorus mineral, which is of great importance for our body.
It is effective against constipation.
Strengthens eyesight.
It provides fast healing of cuts and wounds.
It provides an important contribution to mental development and mental activity.
It creates resistance against asthma and allergies.
It supports healthy intestinal flora.
It provides natural protection and safe nutrition in the growth of children.
It removes kidney stone ailments.
It cleans the body of substances such as heavy metal, salt and alcohol.
It prevents the growth of cancer cells.
It is good for ulcer disease.
It regulates body functions.
It is used in the treatment of gastritis.
It is good for mushrooms.
It is effective in lowering high blood pressure.
Cleans blood vessels
It relieves heart conditions.
It prevents colon cancer.
It provides resistance against pancreatic problems.
Increases body resistance.
It helps to eliminate the complaints of dental diseases.
It is good for liver diseases.
It allows the gallbladder stones to fall out.
It prevents tumor growth.
Runs metabolism.
It contributes to weight loss.
Revitalizes hair.
It is good for acne and pimples.
It protects the bacteria formed in the body.
It delays the effects of aging and helps to stay young.
It treats gum diseases.
It lowers the fatty acid level.
It helps the production of folic acid.
It regulates bowel movements.
It reduces bloating.
It removes the inflammations in the throat.
It is effective against inflammatory diseases.
It is good for allergies.
It provides protection of microflora in the digestive system.
It removes the lack of attention.
It is good for sleep problem.
It is good for migraine.
It is used in the process of depression.
It reduces stomach gas.
It reduces wrinkles and adds tension to the skin.
It has therapeutic properties of gout fastness.
It is good for rheumatic diseases.
It purifies the body from toxins.
It is good for restless bowel syndrome.
It helps to improve bad breath.
It is good for stomach cramps that occur during menstrual period.
It helps the production of B3, B6 and vitamins.
It provides protein intake and digestion.
It improves neurofunctions of the brain.
It is good for bronchitis.
It has an effect to increase sexual desire.
It is good for colds.
It is good for anemia.
It provides a young and long life.
It gives energy.
It supports the use of antibiotics.
It protects the good bacteria in the body.
It reduces bloating.
Diarrhea is good.
It is rich in vitamins A, C and calcium.
It speeds up the healing process.
It reduces the side effects of drugs.

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