Arozzi Visione Gaming Glasses Black (VX-200)

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Arozzi Visione Gaming Glasses Black (VX-200)


Easy on the Eyes
The Visione glasses are tailored for those who suffer from DEF (Digital Eye Fatigue). The protective tinted lenses reduce eye soreness from long periods of computer use.

Enhance Productivity
Whether you are working hard or gaming hard at your computer, the Visione glasses allow you stay at your computer longer so you can be more productive.

Reduce Harmful Blue Light
Blocks up to 50% of shortwave blue light in the critical 400nm-500nm frequency range.

High Standard
The Visione glasses are designed with the highest standards. They are CE approved and FDA registered.

UV Protection
Protect your eyes from potentially harmful UV by filtering over 99% of the rays so your eyes stay protected.


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